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This pilot thermalize program will install ductless heat pumps and energy efficiency retrofits in Juneau homes and buildings to evaluate the best options for the community of Juneau to attain it’s 80% renewable energy goal by 2045. Enrolled households and businesses can choose to either install a ductless heat pump or both a heat pump and energy efficiency retrofits through the 2021 Thermalize Juneau program.

The project has three main objectives:

  • Measure energy savings of home retrofits and mini-split ductless heat pumps at the household level and utility level and measure the cost-effectiveness of the pilot program.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of community outreach and bulk purchasing and financing for energy efficiency technologies in a small, rural community.
  • Develop a market-based approach for rural communities to accelerate energy efficiency technology adoption and integration by engaging with manufacturers, distributors, and installers and by testing outreach messages for different audiences.

Final products include a guide for energy efficiency programs in rural, cold climate communities and presentations to other Southeast communities.

 (Photo by Catchfly Photography in Juneau) 


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