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Have you heard the saying about putting a drain plug in the bathtub before adding more water? That’s the same way we look at energy in a home. While the source of your energy is important (whether you heat with wood, diesel, or solar), it’s not the first priority in planning a house. Rather, creating a building envelope that holds heat (like the bathtub holds water) is the most cost-effective thing you can do.

An energy efficient building envelope is not only the best bang for your buck, saving you exponentially on energy costs over the life of the home, but it also has the side benefits of making your home comfortable, durable, and stable. You can’t control the price of energy, but you CAN control how much fuel your home uses.

With a home that uses just 200 gallons per year, for example, you have the peace of mind of knowing your costs won’t spiral out of control even if there’s a spike in fuel costs.

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