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BrHEAThe System

The BrHEAThe system is an integrated heating and ventilation system developed by CCHRC to improve energy efficiency in homes while maintaining healthy indoor air quality. The system marries together heating and ventilation so that incoming air is always warm and fresh. Once supply air is brought in through the heat recovery ventilator (HRV), it is further heated by a coil from a high-efficiency boiler. This warm air is then ducted throughout the home. The boiler also heats a domestic hot water tank.

The BrHEAThe System addresses several issues unique to cold climates. As homes are becoming tighter and more energy efficient, mechanical ventilation is needed to maintain healthy indoor air quality. HRVs ensure a constant supply of fresh air, and are far more energy efficient than exhaust-only ventilation systems.

However, some residents complain that HRVs bring in cold air and use too much electricity (an in-line electric heater is often used to boost the temperature of ventilation air). The BrHEAThe system ensures air is warm and comfortable without driving up electric costs.

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