The Cold Climate Housing Research Center is an industry-based nonprofit corporation created to facilitate the development, use, and testing of energy-efficient, durable, healthy, and cost-effective building technologies for people living in cold climates. CCHRC offers the following consulting services:


CCHRC works with design firms, tribal and regional housing entities, federal and state agencies, and partners across the state to improve building designs and mechanical systems in Alaska’s housing sector. With roots in the construction industry, CCHRC’s strength is the ability to integrate design, construction, and community development. CCHRC can both facilitate the design process between private sector firms and clients or contract directly with individuals and entities to provide consulting services. These services include feasibility studies, master planning, housing design, construction documentation, and construction administration and instruction.

CCHRC’s talented design team is made up of architectural designers, LEED Accredited Certified designers and graphic designers. A team of interns and drafting technicians assist with drawings and renderings. The architectural group is responsible for project design and detailing, beginning with initial planning to working side by side with the client through design and construction.

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Building Science

CCHRC works with industry to test residential building techniques and products in the extreme climates of Alaska. Specific research focus areas include thermal performance and moisture control in the building envelope, and the thermal interactions between foundations and frozen ground. Our building science research capabilities include both physical testing under laboratory and field conditions, and simulation methods for evaluating building products and assemblies.

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Data Analysis

CCHRC researchers provide many types of data analysis, including analyzing the energy usage and quality of buildings, calculating the payback of various construction or retrofit strategies, and providing economic and market analysis for building projects.

Data Management

As more electronic monitoring systems become available, data collection projects can easily accumulate overwhelming masses of data. CCHRC can help facilitate the development of a data management plan and data acquisition system selection for projects involving monitoring of building performance and energy use, which improves project organization and efficiency and makes data more accessible and transparent.

Energy Monitoring

CCHRC provides a variety of energy modeling services at the residential, light commercial and community-wide scale for both new construction and retrofits. Our software expertise includes AKWarm-Residential and AKWarm-Commercial (Alaska-specific software), Therm, WUFI, and others.

CCHRC services include building plan reviews, vetting building approaches, and analysis and recommendations for improving energy performance.  We have also worked with builders and housing authorities to determine the most cost-effective way to meet building energy codes or achieve 6-Star energy ratings.

Heating & Ventilation

CCHRC tests, evaluates, and demonstrates innovative heating and ventilation systems for cold climate applications with the goal of providing a healthy indoor environment and improving energy efficiency. Recent project experience includes evaluating or demonstrating ground source heat pumps in permafrost terrain, cold climate air source heat pumps, thermal storage systems, feasibility of energy recovery ventilation in Alaska, and new HRV technologies for residential and light commercial construction.

Policy Research

CCHRC consults with local and state agencies to analyze, critique, and recommend policies that improve the energy efficiency, affordability, and resilience of Alaska’s housing stock.  We also conduct data-driven program evaluations and recommend improvements.  Our team has provided policy research and support for the Alaska State Legislature and Governor’s Office, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, the Alaska Energy Authority, Golden Valley Electric Association and the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

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