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Designs for Rural Alaska Walls

CCHRC has used spray polyurethane foam insulation to build affordable demonstration homes in rural Alaska since 2009. While spray foam has a high insulation value and competitive shipping cost, it requires skill to install and any errors can result in a drastic drop in energy efficiency of the building.

This project will allow CCHRC to  evaluate some of the existing homes in rural Alaska for moisture infiltration, including Quinhagak and Bethel. CCHRC will also evaluate additional insulation materials and wall designs that could be developed for new homes in rural Alaska. The project will result in detail drawings of new envelope options and a 4 page report to share with rural communities and other stakeholders.


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Atmautluak SnapshotSnapshots


Construction Manual – Integrated Truss


Designs for Rural Alaska Walls SnapshotSnapshots


Sustainable Northern Communities SnapshotSnapshots



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