Little Ventilation Project

This project looks at ventilation systems that can improve indoor air quality in small homes while limiting energy use. While the average home in much of rural Alaska is smaller than 1,500 square feet, current ventilation systems are not always well-suited for thise size homes. Because they sometimes deliver too much cold air, use excess energy, or over‐dry a house, they can get shut off entirely, creating air quality issues inside. For a situation where conventional ventilation may not be the best option, CCHRC is looking at alternative systems. For example, distributed fans, small ventilators, and other new technologies. The house pictured at left has a room ventilator, a simple, unducted system that moves air through vents in the wall. This study will find how much air they actually move and whether they freeze closed in the winter. The systems are being tested at small homes in Fairbanks with high humidity levels to look at installation cost, energy savings, and indoor air quality.

Little Ventilation Snapshot

Little Ventilation Full Report

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