Dr. Jessica Garron works with a broad spectrum of scientists, community members, agency partners and industry representatives to apply science-based solutions to decision-making. Garron’s primary work identifies remote sensing and drone-based technological solutions to address community, scientific and operational problems focused on the circumpolar Arctic and to serve as a knowledge broker of those solutions. In her current role as research faculty at the International Arctic Research Center and as the Deputy Director of the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, she connects operational and community-based end users with actionable, geospatial, and model-based science information to support climate change adaptation planning and response. Garron specializes in bringing together teams to create solutions and enhance outcomes of science-influenced operational decision-making.

She received her B.S. in natural resources from the University of Maine, followed by her M.S. in biology (molecular) and her Ph.D. in remote sensing in decision-making from UAF. In addition to her research, she serves as the faculty advisor to the AK CASC Fellows program, where she is training the next generation of Alaskan research scientists to support the integration of science into decision-making process at all levels.