Dena Strait is a registered architect at Bettisworth North Architects in Anchorage. Dena coordinates between design teams, clients, utility companies and others to establish energy efficiency goals for both renovation and new construction projects. Dena works alongside of an in-house team to track energy use rate of past Bettisworth projects. Dena was previously employed at AHFC as an energy specialist and understands the importance of reducing energy consumption and its considerations at project inception in commercial facilities.

Dena also provided technical assistance to roughly 75 entities with formal energy-related needs and has advised on commercial codes for AHFC’s Building Energy Efficiency Standard or BEES. Dena has led teams as a project manager, administrator, and energy specialist. Dena worked with Cascadia Green Building Council, a member of the US Green Building Council or USGBC, to develop Commercial Education modules aimed toward owners, managers and designers of commercial buildings.