Water & Sewer

Water and sewer can be a major challenge in Alaska -- even in some urban areas -- due to permafrost, unstable soils, and severe cold. CCHRC partners with other agencies and companies to test out water and sewer solutions that are affordable, clean, and healthy. These systems include self-contained sewage treatment plants, drying toilets, and others.

 This drying toilet, manufactured by Separett, separates liquids and solids. Solids settle into a chamber inside the toilet and are dried by a fan into an easy-to-dispose patty. CCHRC used these toilets in the prototype homes in Atmautluak as an alternative to honey buckets. 







This self-contained sewage treatment plant, designed and built by Fairbanks company LIfewater Engineering, is used in many CCHRC prototype homes with challenging water and sewer conditions, including in Interior Alaska and the North Slope. 

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