Ventilation Demonstrations

BrHEAThe system
This integrated heating and ventilation system developed by CCHRC reduces energy costs while maintaining healthy indoor air quality.  
As homes are becoming tighter and more energy efficient, they require greater ventilation and smaller heating appliances. The BrHEAThe system ties together a oil-fired boiler with a heat recovery ventilator (HRV), injecting heat from the boiler into the ventilation air (through a heat exchanger) before it's distributed throughout the house by ductwork. 

A Qingok is a “stove pipe” that created a stack effect in traditional subterranean houses. This effect was possible because traditional houses were not well sealed and the Qingok created a negative pressure by allowing hot air to leave thus pulling fresh air in from outside through any cracks. CCHRC installed a qingok in the Anaktuvuk Pass prototype home in 2009 but it did not provide sufficient ventilation for such a tight house.