Research & Technologies

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center studies many aspects of the built environment, including building practices and components, energy systems, indoor air quality, user behavior, and housing policy. We focus on the most relevant building technologies and questions through physical testing, modeling, and analysis, with the goal of producing knowledge needed to advance energy efficient, affordable, culturally appropriate housing in Alaska and other circumpolar communities. 

The key areas of our research include:


Slab-on-Grade Foundation Best Practices An evaluation of best practices for insulating under slab-on-grade foundations
Bath Fan Installation Best Practices Create standards for installing bath fans based on an evaluation of five Panasonic WhisperGreen units.
Garage Wall Analysis CCHRC is looking at attached garages to see if they adequately prevent pollutants from entering the house.
Vacuum Insulated Panel Test CCHRC is testing how Vacuum Insulated Panels can be assembled to achieve extremely high R-values in cold climate homes.
BrHEAThe with Air Source Heat Pump CCHRC is testing how an air source heat pump can be integrated into a heating and ventilation system in high efficiency homes.