Galena Prototype Home CCHRC worked with emergency managers to develop energy efficient replacement housing after most homes in Galena were flooded in 2013. Six integrated truss homes were constructed in the village.
Newtok/Mertarvik Relocation

As Newtok is threatened by melting permafrost and coastal erosion, CCHRC is helping residents design healthy, energy efficient homes at the new village site, Mertarvik.

Portable Alternative Sanitation System (PASS)

Affordable in-home sanitation for homes without running water and sewer.

Public Safety Officer Housing CCHRC is helping several villages bring much-needed law enforcement to town through building affordable, energy-efficient homes.
Sustainable Northern Communities Monitoring

The Sustainable Northern Communities program aims to develop energy efficient, affordable, healthy housing that fits the climate and culture of Alaska communities. SNC brings together local residents, tribal governments, state and federal agencies, housing authorities, and other partners. CCHRC monitors the prototype homes to troubleshoot and improve designs.

"Holistic Approach" Pilot Project in Oscarville

Bringing local communities and agencies together to tackle energy, housing, and infrastructure challenges in rural Alaska.

Alaska Water-Sewer Challenge

The Alaska Water and Sewer Challenge looks for innovative, affordable water and sewer solutions for rural households.

Anaktuvuk Pass Prototype Home

CCHRC worked with the community of Anaktuvuk Pass in 2009 to design and construct an affordable, energy efficient, healthy home that incorporated indigenous elements like earth-berming and a sod roof. The design drives down construction and energy costs and fits the local climate and culture.

Atmautluak Prototype Home

Two demonstration homes built in Atmautluak use less than 200 gallons of heating oil a year, 80% less than average for the region.

Atqasuk Prototype Home In 2010 CCHRC worked with the Tagiugiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority and residents of Atqasuk to create a design for an affordable, energy efficient, and healthy home that reflects the people and place of Atqasuk. TNHA constructed three of the prototype homes.
Bethel Aviation Housing CCHRC partnered with the Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) to design two duplexes for flight school students in Bethel. The duplexes demonstrate the integrated truss technology and energy efficient building strategies in a hub community, helping to publicly vet these approaches and serve as model homes in the region.
Buckland Prototype Home

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Chukchi Campus invited CCHRC to be part of a team designing affordable and sustainable housing in rural Alaska. The partnership includes the UAF Chukchi Campus, Northwest Inupiaq Housing Authority, the Native Village of Buckland (BKC), and a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The design team worked with residents to plan an affordable...

Building America in Alaska A "Building America in Alaska" team of building industry professionals from across the state worked with cold climate experts to develop plans for energy efficient, durable, healthy, and cost effective homes affordable to moderate income Alaskans
Crooked Creek Prototype Home CCHRC designed a prototype house for Crooked Creek, a small Kuskokwim village, after flooding destroyed 10 homes in May 2011. The unique design used a single truss system and emphasized energy efficient, affordable, flexible, and quick construction in a remote location. The homes were replaced in the span of four months with the help of many organizations and volunteers. CCHRC is working with the...
Healthy Homes in Alaska

The purpose of this program was to demonstrate cost-effective, preventative measures to correct health hazards in the homes that lead to serious upper respiratory illness in children. It also addressed how changes in indoor air quality affected the health of residents.

Hooper Bay Housing Analysis & Energy Feasibility Report This project was funded by a Department of Energy grant to investigate the potential for energy savings in residential and commercial buildings in Hooper Bay. The feasibility study explores the potential for job creation and other economic benefits of a retrofit program.
North Slope Housing Prototypes CCHRC is working with Tagiugiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority to design homes in six North Slope villages. The homes feature a unique foundation system designed for the permafrost conditions in the high arctic.
Quinhagak Prototype Home

The Native Village of Kwinhagak has asked CCHRC to partner with residents to design a super-efficient prototype house, which was completed in 2010. The design features an octagonal-shape, to hold heat and shed wind-driven rain, and an innovative wall system that is light, simple, and mobile.

Sustainable Village at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

CCHRC partnered with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to design a sustainable student village that includes a cluster of super energy-efficient homes with shared open space, a community garden, and footpaths between buildings. The village will be on University property adjacent to CCHRC’s research center.

Venetie Prototype Home The Venetie teacher housing four-plex uses super-insulated log walls to integrate traditional resources and high-performance building science.