Policy Research

Having a voice in housing and energy policy is essential to creating change in the housing and construction realm. The Policy Research program supports the CCHRC mission through research, consulting, advocacy, and information systems development.

Policy projects are closely engaged with agencies and policy makers to ensure that housing policies reflect good building science.

Our team provides policy research and support to the Alaska State Legislature and Governor’s Office, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, and the Fairbanks North Star Borough.
Our projects have:

  • improved the home energy rating standards used by builders, energy rates and lenders
  • guided the development of statewide energy efficiency policies
  • informed policymakers and housing athorities at local, state and federal levels about the state of housing in Alaska
  • developed data collection capabilities for answering vital, long-term building science, economic, and policy questions


The Policy Research Team

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Weatherization & Rebate Program Impacts Report An overview of the impacts of the Home Energy Rebate and Weatherization programs and success in accomplishing legislative goals:
AkWarm Updates CCHRC is updating AkWarm, the software used to rate the energy efficiency of Alaska homes, to account for renewable energy, heat loss characteristics, and regional variations in climate and energy.
HERS Software Development CCHRC is researching and developing guidelines for AHFC staff to use when reviewing software for compliance with the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standard.
Rebate & Weatherization Program Evaluation Audit Process This project evaluated AHFC's weatherization and rebate programs to determine outcomes and recommend improvements.
PM 2.5 Reduction Policy CCHRC developed a model to estimate PM2.5 emissions from residential heating sources in Fairbanks and evaluated a variety of policy options aimed at reducing emissions, finding that these efforts could cut emissions in half.