UAF Sustainable Village Prototype Homes

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CCHRC partnered with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to design a sustainable student village that includes a cluster of super energy-efficient homes with shared open space, a community garden, and footpaths between buildings. The village will be on University property adjacent to CCHRC’s research center.

The first cluster of four 4-bedroom homes was built in Summer 2012. CCHRC researchers are now working with students to monitor fuel, water, and power use as well as indoor air quality and ground temperature. 

The project blends the latest cold-climate technology, environmentally sound land use and sustainable infrastructure with a new model of campus housing—students as live-in researchers who test, interpret, and help refine the building design. It also emphasizes community design, as CCHRC is working with the UAF Office of the Chancellor, the UAF Office of Sustainability, and student groups on the concept and design.

UAF hosted a design competition this fall where groups of students submitted ideas and attended design seminars in Fall 2011. The winning team joined CCHRC’s team to be part of the actual design process.

PDF icon SustainableVillage TwoYear Performance

PDF icon Sustainable Village Indoor Air Quality

PDF icon Sustainable Village GroundTemperature Monitoring

PDF icon Survey of Indoor Air Quality University of Alaska Fairbanks Sustainable Village

PDF icon UAF Sustainable Village Presentation


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