Mountain View Housing Study

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We want to determine if new homes built by the Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) and a local CIHA contractor, both heated by boilers and furnaces, meet expectations for energy efficiency, homeowner comfort, indoor air quality, and humidity control. Four to six homes of each type were studied. The project is jointly funded by CIHA and CCHRC. Some equipment was provided by AHFC and CCHRC. CCHRC contracted the project to Sunrise Energy Works with collaboration from Arctic Energy Systems, Analysis North, Flattop Technical Services, and Alaska Building Science Network.

The project includes commissioning mechanical systems (ventilation and heating); determining heating system efficiency, total cost to operate, measurement of IAQ, and thermal comfort parameters; measuring humidity and temperature in the attic and crawl spaces; and calculating an energy rating for each house that includes pressure testing and duct leakage measurements. The final report will summarize monitoring results and building performance, identify systems that are performing well, and provide recommendations on systems or strategies that could be improved.  


Sustainable Priorities for Alaska Rural Communities (SPARC) CCHRC participated in a project led by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to complete and document energy efficiency retrofits and resulting energy savings in in the two rural Alaska communities of Anvik and Hughes.
Garage Wall Analysis CCHRC is looking at attached garages to see if they adequately prevent pollutants from entering the house.
BrHEAThe with Air Source Heat Pump CCHRC is testing how an air source heat pump can be integrated into a heating and ventilation system in high efficiency homes.
DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects These projects seek to reduce and stabilize energy costs of tribal buildings in four different communities in Southwest Alaska.
BrHEAThe Evaluation In an effort to address these issues CCHRC developed the BrHEAThe system in 2011. BrHEAThe is a combined heating and ventilation system which uses one distribution system to provide fresh air and space heating to high-performance homes in cold climates.