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Building Education


Alaska Building Science Network

The Alaska Building Science Network (ABSN) is a member supported association of individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to promoting energy efficiency as an essential component of durable, safe and affordable housing in Alaska.

5401 Cordova Street #303
Anchorage, Ak 99518
(907) 562-9927

Alaska Works Partnership

The Alaska Works Partnership provides construction training and placement to Alaskans throughout the state.

1413 Hyder Street
Anchorage, Ak 99501
(907) 569-4711

Building Knowledge Inc.

Building Knoledge Inc. is a leading developer of national programs, educational, training, and marketing materials on homebuilding best practices.
541 West 98th Street
PMB 213
Minneapolis, Mn 55420
(952) 944-5605

University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension

UAF's Extension is part of the largest informal education system in the world, connecting Extension programs at land-grant colleges and universities in every U.S. territory and state. Extension offers hundreds of publications, written and produced by university specialists, which contain practical information of interest to Alaska residents.
P.O. Box 756180
Fairbanks, Ak 99775
(907) 474-7246

Wisdom & Associates

Wisdom and Associates offers continuing education programs include courses on building codes, mechanical codes, plumbing codes, building science, ventilation design and installation, and other building related topics designed to meet continuing education needs for residential contractors, plumbing and mechanical administrators, home inspectors, and education for general crew training.
PO Box 3413
Kenai, Ak 99611
(907) 283-0629


Building Resources


Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Library

P.O. Box 101020
Anchorage, Ak 99510
(907) 330-8447
library site

Alaska State Home Building Association

ASHBA's mission is to provide an organization wherein building contractors and persons engaged in a trade, industry or profession related to housing may meet to discuss various problems of common interest, particularly those related to labor, production and finance.

8301 Schoon St. Suite 200
Anchorage, Ak 99518
(907) 644-4190

American Institute of Architects

Based in Washington, D.C., the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857. Through education, legislative and regulatory development, professional education, and research, the AIA and its more than 83,500 members express their commitment to
excellence in design and livability in our nation's buildings and communities.

1735 New York Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20006

Building Science Network

The Building Science Network provides objective, high-quality information about buildings. This resource combines building physics, systems design concepts, and an awareness of sustainability to promote the design and construction of buildings that are more durable, healthier, more sustainable and more economical than most buildings built today.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Library

CMHC works to enhance Canada's housing finance options, assist Canadians who cannot afford housing in the private market, improve building standards and housing construction, and provide policymakers with the information and analysis they need to sustain a vibrant housing market in Canada.

700 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P7
(613) 748-2000

Healthy Building Network

The Healthy Building Network (HBN) is a national network of green building professionals, environmental and health activists, socially responsible investment advocates and others who are interested in promoting healthier building materials as a means of improving public health and preserving the global environment.
927 15th Street, NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 898-1610

International Housing Coalition

The International Housing Coalition (IHC) was organized by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) to promote the goal of “HOUSING FOR ALL” as an essential element to ending poverty worldwide. Recognizing the worldwide housing problem and the lack of priority being given to housing issues, the IHC was organized for the purpose of restoring housing to a position of importance and priority on the world development agenda.
10 G Street NE Suite 480
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 408-8607

Permafrost Technology Foundation

The Permafrost Technology Foundation (PTF) is incorporated within the State of Alaska as a nonprofit corporation for the purpose of developing solutions to permafrost problems. Its goals are to develop practical, real-world solutions for permafrost foundation problems; test designs on buildings that suffer from permafrost distress; and to disseminate information about solutions to homeowners, builders, engineers, bankers, Realtors, and regulatory groups.

National Association of Home Builders

NAHB is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority. Since 1942, NAHB has been serving its members, the housing industry, and the public at large.
1201 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 266-8200 ext.0

Sourcebook for Sustainable Building


Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association

The Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association is a diverse non-profit organization of business leaders and trade professionals representing the interests of our industry and community. As the respected voice of the building industry, we serve as a resource for our members and the public through our education and advocacy efforts.
PO Box 33259
Juneau, Ak 99803
(907) 463-5774

Steve Winter Associates, Inc.

Steve Winter Associates, Inc. is a firm that conducts research, design, and consulting for high performance, sustainable buildings. They offer a wide variety of services for many types of buildings including; residential, commercial, community, and governmental. Here you can find information on sustainability, design, renewable energy, and research and development.

50 Washington Street
6th Floor
Norwalk, CT
(203) 857-0200


Economy & Community Information


Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

AHFC manages a variety of programs designed to improve the quality of all housing throughout Alaska. Long involved with weatherization and energy-efficiency grants, studies and programs, AHFC is now carrying out research projects with the Cold Climate Housing Research Center that have practical significance for every Alaskan.
P.O. Box 101020
Anchorage, Ak 99510
(907) 330-8447


ArcticStat is a permanent, public and independent statistical database dealing with the countries, regions and populations of the Circumpolar Arctic. ArcticStat was born out of the desire to facilitate comparative research on the socioeconomic conditions of the peoples of the Arctic by bringing together already existing data which are dispersed and often hard to find.

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities

The AAHA provides a range of programs and services, all geared toward increasing the supply of safe, sanitary and affordable housing and community development on the state and national level.
4300 Boniface Parkway
Anchorage, Ak 99504
(907) 338.3970

Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation

The Mission of the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation is to assist in creating new jobs and new economic opportunities for the residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

301 Cushman St., Ste 301
Fairbanks, Ak 99701
(907) 452-2185

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country & its population, resources, economy, society and culture. In Canada, providing statistics is a federal responsibility. As Canada's central statistical agency, Statistics Canada is legislated to serve this function for the whole of Canada and each of the provinces. Objective statistical information is vital to an open and democratic society. It provides a solid foundation for informed decisions by elected representatives, businesses, unions and non-profit organizations, as well as individual Canadians.

UAF Cooperative Extension Services

UAF's Extension is part of the largest informal education system in the world, connecting Extension programs at land-grant colleges and universities in every U.S. territory and state. Extension offers hundreds of publications, written and produced by university specialists, which contain practical information of interest to Alaska residents. Many publications are free and available online. Major program areas include: agriculture and horticulture; health, home and family development; natural resources and community development; 4-H and youth development.  UAF CES



Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is dedicated to conserving, improving and protecting Alaska's natural resources and the environment. spacer image

Alaska Engineering Design Information System

The Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory in cooperation with the University of Alaska are developing a web-accessible Alaska Engineering Design Information System (AEDIS). The AEDIS consists of an analysis toolkit for engineers using a broad array of geospatial terrestrial, ocean and atmosphere environmental data based on a Geographic Information System. In its current state of development, the AEDIS contains permafrost distribution, soil distribution, towns and roads, digital elevation and aspect, and other environmental and geographic data layers. The site includes useful climate summaries for over 200 sites in Alaska, along with snow depth and load information and recurrence intervals.

National Council for Science and the Environment

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) has been working since 1990 to improve the scientific basis of environmental decisionmaking. They envision a society where environmental decisions by everyone are based on an accurate understanding of the underlying science, its meaning and limitations, and the potential consequences of their action or inaction.
1101 17th Street NW Suite 250
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 530-5810

North American Association for Environmental Education

NAAEE is the professional association for environmental education. Since 1971, the Association has created opportunities for its members to improve their skills in creating and delivering programs and services that teach people how to think, not what to think.

United States Permafrost Association

Permafrost resources from across the country.
PO Box 750141
Fairbanks, Ak 99775
(302) 831-0852


Geothermal Energy



Your Own Power

This website chronicles the Chena Hot Springs Geothermal Energy Project. Chena Hot Spring's vision is to become a self-sufficient community in terms of energy, food, heating and fuel use to the greatest extent possible. To attain this goal, Chena is developing numerous renewable energy and sustainable development projects which are detailed in this website. Chena is also forming partnerships within our community and across the U.S. to promote and implement renewable technologies.

P.O.Box 58740
Fairbanks, Ak 99711
(907) 451- 8104

Green Building


Energy & Environmental Building Association

The Energy & Environmental Building Association provides education and resources to transform the residential design and construction industry to profitably deliver energy efficient and environmentally responsible buildings and communities.

6520 Edenvale Boulevard, Suite 112
Eden Prairie, Mn 55346
(952) 881-1098

Green Home Guide

A resource from the US Green Building Council providing information on living green, regreen remodeling homes, green home programs and what makes a green home.
1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

Oikos Green Building Library

A comprehensive online resource on green building, building materials, and green power.

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) is an independent, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and a pioneer advocate of the whole building approach to sustainable facilities

US Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a non-profit organization committed to expanding sustainable building practices. USGBC is composed of more than 15,000 organizations from across the building industry that are working to advance structures that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.
1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

Renewable Energy


Alaska Energy Data Inventory

This site exists to serve two purposes:
(1) inventory and provide all available Alaska energy resource data suitable for electrical power generation and space heating needs and (2) help identify locations or regions where the most economic energy resource or combination of energy resources can be developed to meet local needs.

Alaska Energy Efficiency

A collaborative effort of the Alaska Energy Efficiency and Conservation Working Group (EECWG), a partnership of over 20 entities, including state and federal government programs, utilities, state legislative offices, local non-profits, university programs, private businesses and tribal organizations.

Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

A great resource for a variety of renewable energy topics including biomass, hydrogen, solar and weatherization.

Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) is a coalition of urban and rural Alaska utilities, businesses, conservation and consumer groups, and Alaska Natives with an interest in developing Alaska's vast renewable energy resources.

308 G Street, Suite 218
Anchorage, Ak 99501
(907) 929-7770

Renewable Energy Policy Network

REN21 is a global policy network that provides a forum for international leadership on renewable energy. Its goal is to bolster policy development for the rapid expansion of renewable energies in developing and industrialised economies.

15 rue de Milan
75441 Paris Cedex 9 France
ph: 33 1 44 37 50 94

Safety & Health


Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health

The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health was developed and is maintained by CPWR – Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) with support from grants CCU317202 and 1 U54 OH008307 from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). eLCOSH is intended to provide accurate, user-friendly information about safety and health for construction workers from a wide range of sources worldwide.

Household Products Database

This database links over 7,000 consumer brands to health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by manufacturers and allows scientists and consumers to research products based on chemical ingredients.

Is It In Us?

Thirty-five Americans from seven states participated in a national biomonitoringproject in the spring of 2007. This is the broadest non-governmental project of its kind to measure toxic chemicals in the bodies of average Americans.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

OSHA and its state partners have approximately 2100 inspectors, plus complaint discrimination investigators, engineers, physicians, educators, standards writers, and other technical and support personnel spread over more than 200 offices throughout the country. This staff establishes protective standards, enforces those standards, and reaches out to employers and employees through technical assistance and consultation programs.

Toxmap - Environmental Health e-Maps

TOXMAP is a Geographic Information System from the Division of Specialized Information Services of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that uses maps of the United States to help users visually explore data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Toxics Release Inventory and Superfund Program.

Solar Energy


Alaska Sun

A Solar Design Manual for Alaska 2005 edition.

CCHRC Solar Photovoltaic Monitoring

The Sunny Portal website offers real-time information on the CCHRC Solar Photovoltaic Arrays. Content includes data, reports, comparrisons and images of the systems at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center Research and Testing Facility.

EERE Solar Energy Technologies Program

The Solar Energy Technologies program focuses on developing cost-effective solar-energy technologies that have the greatest potential to benefit our nation and the world. Solar technologies diversify our energy supply, reduce our dependence on imported fuels, improve air quality, and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Sunny Portal

SunnyPortal makes it possible to access and visualize solar power systems from around the world.



Making Houses Work Blog

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center Making Houses Work Blog provides information on sustainable issues in Interior Alaska.
1000 Fairbanks Street
Fairbanks, Ak 99708
(907) 457-3454

Interior Alaska Green Star

Interior Alaska Green Star is the Fairbanks chapter of Green Star®, a non-profit organization which encourages households and businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention.

The Natural Step

Since 1988, The Natural Step has worked to accelerate global sustainability by guiding companies, communities and governments onto an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable path. More than 70 people in eleven countries work with an international network of sustainability experts, scientists ,universities, and businesses to create solutions, innovative models and tools that will lead the transition to a sustainable future.
317 SW Alder, Suite 1050
Portland , Or 97204
(503) 241-1140

SustainAbility Campaign

The SustainAbility Campaign blog provides information on various topics of sustainability and links to those organiztions or people involved.


UAF Sustainability Program

UAF will strive to be a model of environmental stewardship and social justice by incorporating the ideals of sustainability into every facet of campus life providing a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for students, faculty and staff to work, play and live.  UAF Sustainability


Healthabitat is a social business in Australia that works with indigenous to improve health through better housing. It focuses on medical services and a healthy living environment as the key to good health.  Healthabitat

Wood Energy


Masonry Heater Association

The Masonry Heater Association website provides a lot of information about masonry heaters, including various publications, photographs, and project reports.

Wood Heat Organization Inc.

Wood Heat Organization Inc. is a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency dedicated to the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.

Wood Heat Organization Inc.

Wood Heat Organization Inc. is a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency dedicated to the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.