Heating, Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

CCHRC tests, evaluates, and demonstrates innovative heating and ventilation systems for cold climate applications with the goal of providing a healthy indoor environment and improving energy efficiency. Recent project experience includes evaluating or demonstrating ground source heat pumps in permafrost terrain, cold climate air source heat pumps, thermal storage systems, feasibility of energy recovery ventilation in Alaska, and new HRV technologies for residential and light commercial construction.

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Bath Fan Installation Best Practices Create standards for installing bath fans based on an evaluation of five Panasonic WhisperGreen units.
Garage Wall Analysis CCHRC is looking at attached garages to see if they adequately prevent pollutants from entering the house.
BrHEAThe with Air Source Heat Pump CCHRC is testing how an air source heat pump can be integrated into a heating and ventilation system in high efficiency homes.
BrHEAThe Evaluation In an effort to address these issues CCHRC developed the BrHEAThe system in 2011. BrHEAThe is a combined heating and ventilation system which uses one distribution system to provide fresh air and space heating to high-performance homes in cold climates.
Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) in Cold Climates Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are whole house ventilation systems that exchange stale indoor air with fresh outside air, recovering both heat and moisture from the indoor air to save energy. They have the potential to improve indoor air quality in a cold dry climate like Interior Alaska.