Heating Systems

Heat is vital to life in the world’s cold climates. CCHRC uses its Research and Testing Facility as a testbed for various residential-scale heating systems, including several biomass systems, several boilers, solar thermal collection, thermal storage, and a ground source heat pump. We monitor these systems to see how their energy performance and operating costs compare to conventional energy systems and how they can be adapted to the north.

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Combustion Air/CO Study This study looked at how homeowners provide combustion air for atmospherically vented appliances and assessed the performance of power-vented appliances.
Evaluating Residential Heating Systems This project measured the design heat load of houses by monitoring the runtime of the furnace in relation to outdoor temperatures. The study monitored 20 houses in the Anchorage area during very cold weather to better determine appropriate heating system sizing for the HVAC industry.
Heating Appliance Use Survey This project observed actual patterns of wood heating appliance use at twelve homes in Fairbanks to quantify the amount of wood heating compared to other heating sources.