Health House VOC Monitoring

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Through a grant from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, CCHRC contracted with Alaska Energy Associates (AEA) for data collection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in various new homes in Fairbanks and Juneau. The purpose of this project was to assess the effect that different ventilation strategies have on indoor air quality. The study dwellings in both communities included a "Health House," a non-mechanically ventilated 5 Star home, and a 5 Star-Plus home with a heat recovery system for ventilation. The Fairbanks "Health House" tested is also a Habitat for Humanity house. Testing took place pre-occupancy, soon after occupancy began, and 6 months following occupancy. The final report has been revised to report corrected data.


Knauf Insulation Monitoring in Tununak CCHRC and Knauf Insulation will be monitoring the moisture performance of the wall system in a truss house in Tununak, Alaska over two winters.
Little Ventilation Project Looking at ventilation systems that can improve indoor air quality in small homes while limiting energy use.
Bath Fan Installation Best Practices Create standards for installing bath fans based on an evaluation of five Panasonic WhisperGreen units.
Garage Wall Analysis CCHRC is looking at attached garages to see if they adequately prevent pollutants from entering the house.
BrHEAThe with Air Source Heat Pump CCHRC is testing how an air source heat pump can be integrated into a heating and ventilation system in high efficiency homes.