Green Roof

Green Roof

A green roof is a roof containing soil and vegetation rather than the typical shingle or metal components.

The green roof concept is important because as forests and agricultural lands are replaced with concrete and buildings, we must do something to recover the lost green spaces. Vegetated, or green roofs, are one potential remedy for this problem.  In many cases a green roof can also be designed to become a natural habitat for local wildlife.

The CCHRC Research and Testing Facility (RTF) offers its visitors and staff a unique work and recreation space on our green roof.

Cooperative Extension agent Michele Hebert developed a plan for the RTF green roofs: a natural scape on the south side and a research garden on the north. The Alaska Division of Agriculture Plant Materials Center donated the native seeds for the green roof. The south roof is now a verdant mat of native grasses and flowers. The north roof was planted in annual rye grass and will be used for student research projects.


View a cross-section of our green roof here.

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