Evaluating Residential Heating Systems

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CCHRC, through a grant from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, contracted with Arctic Energy Systems (AES) to measure the actual design heat load of houses by monitoring the runtime of the furnace in relation to outdoor temperatures. The study monitored 20 houses in the Anchorage area during the very cold weather. The goal of this study was to better determine appropriate heating system sizing for the HVAC industry to reduce building costs and improve the efficiency and comfort of homes. A Final Draft was received by CCHRC in July 2002 and was peer reviewed in August.

For additional information, please see the published article in Energy Design Update: "Furnaces In Alaska Are Oversized," Energy Design Update, March 2003, pg. 8-9.


Knauf Insulation Monitoring in Tununak CCHRC and Knauf Insulation will be monitoring the moisture performance of the wall system in a truss house in Tununak, Alaska over two winters.
Garage Wall Analysis CCHRC is looking at attached garages to see if they adequately prevent pollutants from entering the house.
Combustion Air/CO Study This study looked at how homeowners provide combustion air for atmospherically vented appliances and assessed the performance of power-vented appliances.
Health House VOC Monitoring CCHRC collected data on Volatile Organic Compounds in various new homes in Fairbanks and Juneau to assess the effect of different ventilation strategies on indoor air quality.
Sustainable Northern Communities Monitoring The Sustainable Northern Communities program aims to develop energy efficient, affordable, healthy housing that fits the climate and culture of Alaska communities. SNC brings together local residents, tribal governments, state and federal agencies, housing authorities, and other partners. CCHRC monitors the prototype homes to troubleshoot and improve designs.