Combustion Safety Test Failure Analysis

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CCHRC worked with the Alaska Association of Energy Professionals (AAEP) to assess why combustion safety tests are failing in Alaska homes and provide solutions to help buildings pass the tests.

Combustion safety tests are required as part of a home energy rating to make sure that combustion gases from a heating appliance are being safely exhausted outside and not leaking into the home. A building could fail a combustion safety test for a variety of reasons—the venting isn’t sized properly, extra exhaust loads were added after the system was balanced, or features designed to balance the system are not being used properly (such as make-up air).

The study used data from the Alaska Retrofit Information System (ARIS) database maintained by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation as well as other sources to attempt to diagnose causes of combustion safety test failures. 

We produced a short informative video to help homeowners understand the importance of combustion safety testing.

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