Certified Alaska Tough

Alaska homes face extreme climates. From winter winds howling in off the Arctic Ocean to long, dark -40 ℉ cold snaps of the Interior to constant wind-driven rain in the temperate rainforests of Southeast, keeping a home warm and dry isn’t easy here. Windows are the weakest point in a home’s warm, protective outer shell. Poor quality windows can quickly fail in these extreme conditions, letting in cold drafts, frosting up on the inside, and causing moisture problems. That’s why the Cold Climate Housing Research Center developed the Certified Alaska Tough program — to identify windows that can withstand the harshest conditions Alaska can throw at them. If your windows are Certified Alaska Tough, you know they can withstand the worst winter conditions anywhere.

Alaskans also appreciate a good investment. With heating oil prices rocketing  up to $10 a gallon in some remote areas, many Alaskans are wishing they had installed better windows when fuel was cheap. That’s why Certified Alaska Tough windows are tested to meet some of the most stringent energy efficiency standards in the nation. Save money now and rest easy in the future with Certified Alaska Tough windows.

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