Vanessa (Ness) Stevens began working for CCHRC as an intern in 2010 before becoming a research scientist in 2011. Before that she taught high school labs to rural Alaska students while earning a master’s degree in physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. As a member of the building science research team, Ness develops, implements, and manages research and technical assistance projects related to building science and home health. With each project, she strives to put the community’s goals at the forefront and consider how the project can build skills and knowledge in the north. She enjoys working with data and making it available to a general audience. She has years of experience conducting literature, interview, and survey reviews as well as teaching at homeowner, contractor, and student events. Ness has completed OSHA 10, Forklift Operator, Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship, and Institutional Review Board Training and is a certified Project Management Professional. Above all, Ness is grateful to be part of CCHRC’s mission to advance the development of safe, durable, and sustainable shelter for Alaskans and circumpolar people.