Haley is a born-and-raised Alaskan originally from Juneau, but moved to Fairbanks in 2013 to complete her B.S. in Physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In addition to physics, Haley has spent over half her academic career studying architecture with an emphasis on affordable, sustainable design–a passion she has had from a very early age. Professionally, Haley seeks to develop housing options that are adaptable, affordable, durable, efficient, environmentally responsive, and socially conscious.

Haley specializes in cold climate residential design, Aging-in-Place and Universal Design, graphic design/information packaging, architectural drafting, and miscellaneous data monitoring and analysis. Through her work at CCHRC, Haley has been afforded many opportunities to engage and collaborate with the variety of expertise in the Arctic community, including builders, researchers, indigenous Alaskans, policymakers, and the many other stakeholders of cold climate housing. Looking forward, she wants to continue learning and refining her own skill sets at CCHRC so that she may further contribute to Arctic housing resiliency.