Born and raised in the beautiful Bavarian alpine town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (think: Sound of Music), I grew up independently with many sports and days spent outside. Due to a competitive streak in my family, I ended up on the Olympic downhill ski team from 13-16 years old. Learning to push my body has greatly impacted my life, but also resulted in multiple knee- and shoulder injuries and the loss of my spot on the team. Hard times, power through, reinvent. I went to boarding school, studied biology for my love of animals, traveled around Europe, Australia, Africa -which I afforded by working in beer gardens- and was offered an opportunity to study muskox. I touched Alaskan ground in March 2004 and loved it immediately: wilderness, space, freedom. The third person I met here is my husband Pete today. He helped me wrestle the gentle wooly muskoxen for my Masters degree, I helped him feed and comb the precious Qiviuk out of their coats in spring. We were offered the opportunity to travel to Madagascar together to work on a remote research station with lemurs. Incredible experience and both got very sick. After finishing my Masters, I worked as a research technician at University of Fairbanks with Ground Squirrels, Black Bears and Insects for 9 years. During that time, we bought an undeveloped property, an old camper and moved on our own land. Over the next 6 years we built our timber frame house out of pocket and -despite many building disputes- got married at -35F on a hilltop, sledding down with tin cans dangling behind our sled. When pregnant in 2012, I switched jobs and worked in administration for the logistics outfit Polar Field supporting research projects for 9 years. During that time, our wild daughter Ella was born in 2013 and in 2016 our fun-loving son Jannis. We all live in the small, energy efficient place my husband and I had built together alongside our young dog Sisu and our old cat Alli- we love spending time with dear friends, camping, canoeing, biking, hiking and are animal lovers.