CCHRC became the farthest-north LEED Platinum building in the world when it was certified by the United States Green Building Council this year. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design measures energy savings, CO2 emissions, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and responsible use of resources. Platinum is the highest of four levels of LEED.

CCHRC attained the status by using progressive construction techniques and innovative technology, such as solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and solar thermal systems to generate hot water. The building also has triple-pane windows, two green roofs, and maximum natural light. We scored points for our low energy consumption and efficient use of firewood for heating.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition,” said Jack Hébert, CCHRC President and CEO. “This award proves that sustainable building practices and operation can be achieved despite the challenges of the world’s circumpolar regions. We look forward to many more years as a sustainable organization, researching energy efficient practices and innovative building techniques for our climate."

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