Building Usage Data System (BUDS) Projects

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This project produced a well-integrated, simple building data collection and usage visualization package intended to be the standard used by energy raters/auditors in Alaska. The package will include:

  • Basic Sensors– A set of sensors which will provide data about a building’s environmental conditions and energy usage (e.g. outdoor temperature and relative humidity, indoor temperature and relative humidity in multiple rooms, lighting condition in multiple rooms, heating fuel usage, total energy usage, etc).
  • Optional Sensors– An extended sensor set which will be commonly, but not always, needed for building monitoring (e.g. hot and cold water usage, electrical usage of individual appliances, etc).
  • Collection & Communication– The combination of hardware and software which will collect data from all of the building sensors, do whatever transformations are necessary, provide a local data storage buffer, and transmit the data over the Internet to a central server.
  • Building Usage Visualization Dashboard– Easy to use software that will enable home owners and building managers to see at a glance how efficiently their building is and has been using energy from anywhere on the web, including from within the building without an Internet connection, using their web browser.

A followup project, IBUDS, accomplished the following: 

  • Enable AkWarm to access the AHFC’s Alaskan Retrofit Information System (ARIS) and extract relevant data;
  • Enable AkWarm to include actual electrical usage data from ARIS in building modeling;
  • Enable AkWarm to include actual fuel usage data from ARIS in building modeling;
  • Develop AkWarm reports which will aid in understanding and addressing discrepancies between modeling results and actual usage;
  • Modify the AkWarm rating system to take full advantage of these and other AkWarm enhancements.
  • Add selected Energy Raters/Auditors to the pool of AkWarm beta-testers as appropriate.
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