Building Science

CCHRC works with industry to test residential building techniques and products in the extreme climates of Alaska. Specific research focus areas include thermal performance and moisture control in the building envelope, and the thermal interactions between foundations and frozen ground. Our building science research capabilities include both physical testing under laboratory and field conditions, and simulation methods for evaluating building products and assemblies.

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Cold Climate Window Insulation Evaluation Analysis of insulation technique that places foam board on exterior portion of double-pane window
Little Ventilation Project Looking at ventilation systems that can improve indoor air quality in small homes while limiting energy use.
Slab-on-Grade Foundation Best Practices An evaluation of best practices for insulating under slab-on-grade foundations
Vacuum Insulated Panel Test CCHRC is testing how Vacuum Insulated Panels can be assembled to achieve extremely high R-values in cold climate homes.
Designs for Rural Alaska Walls Monitoring CCHRC demonstration homes for efficiency and moisture infiltration several years after construction.