Energy Efficiency Program & Policy Recommendations

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Alaska residents see the cost of energy as a major issue. As utility bills skyrocket, this issue escalates, affecting homeowners, renters, businesses and industry. Legislators are concerned and looking for the best strategy to provide some form of relief to residents. Recognizing the need to take action, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) and the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) asked the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) to sponsor a comprehensive review and analysis of the energy efficiency policies and programs in the State of Alaska. CCHRC contracted in December 2007 with Information Insights and its subcontractor, the Rocky Mountain Institute, for this study. The review focused on programs that address end-use energy consumption in space heating and electrical needs of residential and commercial users. Although the funders recognize the dire energy situation in rural Alaska, primary emphasis of this report was on Railbelt communities, recognizing that there is an existing rural energy plan. This study was not intended to address transportation or industrial energy efficiency opportunities.


Sustainable Priorities for Alaska Rural Communities (SPARC) CCHRC participated in a project led by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to complete and document energy efficiency retrofits and resulting energy savings in in the two rural Alaska communities of Anvik and Hughes.
Weatherization & Rebate Program Impacts Report An overview of the impacts of the Home Energy Rebate and Weatherization programs and success in accomplishing legislative goals:
DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects These projects seek to reduce and stabilize energy costs of tribal buildings in four different communities in Southwest Alaska.
AkWarm Updates CCHRC is updating AkWarm, the software used to rate the energy efficiency of Alaska homes, to account for renewable energy, heat loss characteristics, and regional variations in climate and energy.
HERS Software Development CCHRC is researching and developing guidelines for AHFC staff to use when reviewing software for compliance with the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standard.